Atlanta Midtown Life University Health Systems





From the moment you walk through the doors of Vital Life Health Center – Midtown, our entire team of professionals is going to be available to you: chiropractic doctors, x-ray technicians, functional neurologists, nutritionists, kinesiologists, new patient advocates, customer engagement representatives and staff.

Your initial examination will investigate any conditions or symptoms you’re experiencing, the cause of your problem, explore the options of corrective and wellness care, and discuss your health goals, as well as answer your questions about care at Vital Life Health Center. Care is non-invasive and patient-centered, without the use of drugs or surgery.

On your next visit, we will present to you our findings and recommendations from the initial examination, as well as short- and long-term care plans based on your health examination. Your chiropractor will explain in detail what you can expect, how often you’ll need to come in to the clinic, as well as what the health investment is. We never take any steps without first explaining your options, the commitment necessary and the costs—then the choice is always yours to move forward or to not. You are always in control of the decision process.

We encourage you to bring your significant other with you to learn about your care plan and the specific areas where we believe chiropractic care will affect your health and wellness.


After you’ve chosen a care plan and have begun care, you will experience a comprehensive examination that goes far beyond the initial reasons that brought you through the door, by analyzing the status of your overall health.

Clinicians will work with you to form a complete picture of your physical, mental and social health, as well as guide you through a personalized plan to reach optimal health.

Our team is committed to helping you be your best and we look forward to taking this step with you into a future of better health!