Atlanta Midtown Life University Health Systems


What is the address of Health Systems – Midtown Atlanta?

Life University Health Systems – Midtown Atlanta
1 Baltimore Place NW
Atlanta, GA 30308

What are the hours of Life University Health Systems – Midtown?

7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Monday – Friday
9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Saturday

How can I book an appointment? Can I walk into the clinic without an appointment?

You can call, email or text one of our New Patient Advocates. You can also go online and book a first visit or consultation at AtlantaMidtown.LifeUHealth.Systems. You can also attend one of our free educational classes and then make a decision. Walk-ins are welcome, but may experience delays based on practice volume.

Who should visit Life University Health Systems at Midtown?

Life University Health Systems at Midtown is a Metro Atlanta asset, offering whole-body wellness services to people of any age. The expert clinical team works with patients to reach optimal health and wellness, creating care plans based on a thorough analysis of their health.

Life University Health Systems sees a wide range of people, from patients suffering from symptoms like headaches, back pain and stress, to those seeking care for ailments like concussion, Alzheimer’s and childhood development disorders. The clinic also offers peak performance training and care for executives and athletes. Life University Health Systems Midtown Clinic welcomes anyone seeking increased wellbeing and joy and those who want to increase their quality of life.

Are the clinicians at Life University professors or students at the University?

No. Life University Health Systems at Midtown employees a clinical team that works full-time at the clinic. The clinic operates as its own facility, separate from Life University, but with all the technology, resources and executive guidance that Life University has to offer.

Is there a specialist at Life University Health Systems – Midtown who specializes in care for a certain condition?

For information on the doctors and specialists, and the conditions they treat, please call Life University Health Systems – Midtown at 678-331-4500.

What exactly is “vitalistic” health?

Life University’s educational and clinical philosophy is based on Vitalism — the understanding and principle that all organic systems in the universe are conscious, self-developing, self-maintaining and self-healing.

Vitalistic, “whole-body” health encompasses the physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual aspects of each individual. Thus, Life University Health Systems at Midtown is comprised of expert clinicians in a range of health and wellness fields.

What is parking like at Life University Health Systems – Midtown?

Parking is available at our own pay-to-park lot on site. The parking lot accepts cash and credit cards.

Will insurance cover my visit at Life University Health Systems – Midtown?

We are happy to provide a benefits check with your insurance, and we are always up-front about any costs you will accrue during your visit. Before we do anything in our office, we will always tell you what we are going to do, how much it’s going to cost, and get your agreement before moving on.

Life University Health Systems – Midtown will work with you to ensure your financial investment suits your budget and care plan needs. Please contact us at Info@LifeUHealth.Systems and 678-331-4500 to discuss your options.

Where can I learn more about Life University?

Learn more about Life University at If you’re interested in visiting the campus, visit