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Vital Life Health Center at Midtown is Life University’s 7,000 square foot wellness center based in Midtown Atlanta. Featuring the latest tools and technology as well as contemporary health methodologies, the Midtown Clinic offers on-site professionals and services in the fields of chiropractic, functional neurology, vitalistic nutrition, functional kinesiology and positive psychology.

The services at Vital Life are non-invasive, patient-centered and focused on improving overall health. Our clinic caters to metro Atlanta families, the Atlanta business community, sports teams and the students, faculty and staff of surrounding colleges.

Vital Life Health Center at Midtown will serve the Atlanta business district, the educational community of surrounding universities, and the young professionals and families living inside the perimeter.

The facilities, clinical staff, education initiatives and health services are all oriented toward these demographics, offering a professional health and wellness experience tailored to the Atlanta lifestyle. From convenient hours to expert clinicians, the Midtown Clinic is an accommodating and innovative vitalistic center unlike any facility in Atlanta.

The clinic also boasts a state-of-the-art education facility, offering an array of whole-health classes and seminars to the community.


A DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION in a drug dominated healthcare system to one of natural organic approaches focused on the nervous system from birth to 101 that moves people from condition based care to escalating health to an extraordinary lifestyle of drug free physical, mental, social, relational and spiritual well-being.


TO GIVE- the people of Atlanta care designed to correct or reduce physical  traumas, environmental toxins and emotional stresses that damage or interfere with the nervous system.

TO SERVE- every person regardless of condition.

TO LOVE- our patients and colleagues with lasting purpose, passion and integrity.

TO DO- our work with efficiency, preciseness, and the highest standards of professional expertise.



Vital Life joined with the newly formed Atlanta Birth Center, Intonu Wellness, and Shanna Jackson Psychotherapy and Counseling to create VitalAtlanta, one of the most innovative, unique and energizing systems of delivering healthcare in the era of healthcare that is evolving in the United States. This system emphasizes conservative care versus high-risk interventions, patient rights based on education versus authoritarianism, natural approaches versus unnecessary artificial/mechanical interventions, whole life approaches versus reductionistic science and finally, healing and wellness lifestyles that utilize the body’s potential versus mechanical interventions that override the body’s natural tendencies and produce dangerous side effects.


At Vital Life Health Center- Midtown Atlanta, our understanding of health care focuses on the human body’s innate potential.We believe that human beings have more potential than what they’re expressing. The potential to live on the planet without sickness and disease. The potential for growth. The potential for healthy relationships. The potential for creativity. The potential for compassion and forgiveness.

We see the body as a conscious, self-healing, self-developing and self-maintaining organism. This philosophy of health care is known as Vitalism.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is a view known as Mechanism, which sees the body as a machine made up solely of physical matter. Mechanism believes that your body, like any machine, will break down – and the solution is to take apart the pieces and manipulate them back to what the doctor perceives as “normal.” Medicine is based on the principle of Mechanism and believes that manipulating the body through drugs and surgery to eliminate pain and disease equates to health. While drugs and surgery are at times beneficial, manipulation of body function always produces side effects, often life-threatening.

Our view, Vitalism, believes the body is intelligent. While the world’s greatest scientists can’t create one living cell from scratch, your body produces 100,000 cells every second you’re alive.

We, like the World Health Organization, see health as a state of optimum physical, mental and social wellbeing. This view recognizes that the key to health is optimum function of every part of the body. Vitalism focuses on correcting interferences to your optimum function, without the side effects of drugs and surgery.

Vitalism understands that health isn’t just about how you feel. It’s about how you’re functioning.

THE Importance
of the
Nervous System

All life possesses its own innate, guiding intelligence that gives us the power to heal, grow, adapt and live life to our full potential. All of this is controlled by your nervous system, the intricate information highway of the brain and spinal cord. A chiropractor ensures these systems are functioning properly so your health can flourish.

Posture, exercise, sitting at a desk all day, injuries, aging – these are all factors in the health of your nervous system, which can affect your entire body. Interference to the nervous system comes in three forms: physical, environmental and emotional. Such interferences produce malfunction, reducing your quality of life.

Here at Vital Life Health Center in Midtown Atlanta, our clinical goal is to correct as many of these interferences as possible, so you can begin to utilize more of your potential. We believe true health is the optimum express of your body’s innate potential. It encompasses the physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual aspects of us all.

When interferences are removed, your health will flourish as it is meant to.